Nicklas Koppe began studying physics at the University of Leipzig in 2016 after graduating from high school. During his studies, he was fascinated by mathematical theories that can be used to describe real physical processes. At the same time he had piano lessons with Johannes Poerschke and later with Janusz Wozniak, Professor at University of Music and Theatre in Leipzig. He wrote his Bachelor's thesis with Prof. Mareike Zink in experimental biophysics. The results became part of the publication "Mechanical properties of the premature lung: From tissue deformation under load to mechanosensitivity of alveolar cells" in the Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology Journal.
Immediately after studying physics, he went to Weimar in 2020 to study jazz piano with Achim Kaufmann, Elias Stemeseder and Kelvin Sholar. At the same time, he began working as a piano teacher at the Musikwerk Fränzel music school in Erfurt.
Apart from his studies and work, Nicklas Koppe is an organisational part of the Weimar music and cultural scene, such as the Mascha's jazz session and the Come Closer Festival.

Musically, he has played several concerts with the clarinettist Gervasio Tarragona Valli like Klangrausch, for the Klassik Stiftung Weimar and different locations of the city. In their duo project they explore with Latin American and Arabic music, as well as European classical music in the form of composed and improvised music. This year they are gonna release an EP. Their members are the bassist Kai Olaf Oestmann from Hanover and the guitarist Robert Griese from Weimar, Max Enyedi on the drums.
Recently he has found an interface between music and his previous studies in physics in working with electronic instruments, especially synthesizers, using the basic electronic knowledge to produce sounds and colours with a technical understanding. Among his projects the band "Saving Eddy" stands out for the interest in new timbres and grooves. The synthesiser and electric piano plays and important role in the experimentation of sounds. The members are Felix Neumann on the drums, Robert Griese guitar and Jakob Romer bass.
Outside of music, he has also been interested in photography for several years. He works a lot with musicians in Germany. Furthermore, he is also interested in nature and landscape photography as an interface between his artistic and scientific work.

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